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FAQs for AAA Central Vacuum Services
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Isn’t my home too small for a central vacuum?
Homes of any size, even condominiums, can enjoy the benefits of a built-in vacuum. 
Check out The Central Vacuum Advantage for full details.

Isn’t a central vacuum way too expensive?
This is one of the biggest misconceptions about built-in vacuums. Complete equipment packages start for under $675, and though each home has different equipment and installation needs, a fully installed system averages around $80 a year over its lifetime.

Aren’t portable vacuums cheaper than and just as good as built-ins?
The fact is homeowners purchase a new portable every 3-5 years, but a central vacuum lasts for decades thus costing less in the long run. The many benefits a built-in system 
has over portables are detailed in The Central Vacuum Advantage.

My home wasn’t built for a central vacuum, is it even possible?
Absolutely! AAA Central Vacuums has specialized in retrofitting existing homes and businesses since we opened our doors.

What is retrofitting?
Retrofitting is the term that refers to installing a system into an existing structure.

Doesn’t retrofitting require to walls to be torn open?
This is another one of the big myths about central vacuums. In 20 years of retrofitting systems, we’ve had to make wall openings less than a dozen times and then only on an extremely limited scale. For the most part, the only way you know we’ve been there is that you have a new vacuum system in your home.

How are retrofits done?
The simplest answer to this deceptively complex question is that inlet locations are selected which allow for the smoothest routing through the home back to the vacuum unit. We utilized existing crawlspaces and chases, sometimes using closets, cabinetry and utility areas where exposed pipes won’t be noticed, to run the lines to inlet locations, most often dropping the lines down inside the walls.

Aren’t all installers the same?
Most companies that install central vacuums do it as a sideline to their primary business unlike the specialists at AAA Central Vacuums. Over the years we’ve serviced and corrected innumerable customer problems caused by errors made by other installers.  
Go to our Home Page and click "About Us" to see what  PROFESSIONALISM really means.

Don’t central vacuums clog up?
Over the last 20 years, we’re proud to say we’ve never had to unclog a system we’ve installed, due to our rigorous installation standards. (see Clogless Performance in our Warranty section)  
That being said, other systems can get clogged, and we’re experts at getting lines cleared quickly and reasonably, often correcting any original installation errors that are the root cause.

I have built-in vacuum pipes in my home, what do I need now?
Finishing the system requires the mounting and connection of a vacuum unit as well as getting a hose & tool kit for cleaning. AAA Central Vacuums is happy to assist you in selecting both the vacuum and tool package that best fits your needs and budget.

If my central vacuum breaks down, do I have to replace it?
Built-in vacuums are made to last for decades, but eventually something is going to wear out. Most of the time, replacing the worn part is all that’s needed to receive many more years of use.

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