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We’re the experts at designing the best built-in vacuum systems for any budget
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Commercial Systems
Like those for homes, commercial systems are designed for the building and environment they need to serve. We’ve designed and installed systems for many different types of businesses all with an eye toward efficiency and durability.  
The cleaning tools are light, defending against back strain, and the vacuum’s quiet, dust free operation allows cleaning to take place around customers.

Whether you just need to cover the reception area, back room offices, dressing rooms or the entire building, our central vacuum systems can clean your business efficiently, effectively and quietly.

The type of debris in restaurants tend to destroy portable vacuums. Our time tested Restaurant Vacuum System provides years of trouble free service and are used in many restaurants including Dennys, Jack in the Box and IHOP.
For a total cleaning solution, our Aqua Air systems not only vacuum, they’re hot water extraction cleaners for carpet stains and removing grease from kitchen floors.

For quick clean up after a customer or thorough vacuuming at the end of the day, our Salon Vacuum System is convenient and easy to maintain.

Need to vacuum cars after a service or before a car wash? How about an auto detailing steam cleaning system that boosts productivity and throughput? We can design and install a system to meet your needs.

After a grooming or at the end of the day, our systems can handle any amount of fur. Direct connect grooming tools and wet fur pick up are available options for these quiet, efficient systems.

Cleanup of kennels, runs and play areas is simpler, faster and more thorough with a wet/dry cleaning system designed to clean and disinfect boarding facilities.

Our MediVac systems can be used to drive aspirators in both treatment areas and operating rooms as well as for anesthesia gas evacuation, and a central cleaning system can be used to maintain your building and even assist in treatment preparation.

Incorporating central vacuums into the stores of a regional or national corporate/franchise chain regularly generates inconsistencies in equipment type and quality as well as difficulties locating qualified installers.
AAA Central Vacuums has the experience to take the headaches out of all your projects. With one call, we can design your system, locate and vet an installer in the project area, coordinate with your builder and support your system after you open.

AAA Central Vacuums Contractors License #726359
Owner: Michael Bronecky
All commercial central vacuum systems are warratied to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year.

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AAA Central Vacuums Contractors License   #726359
Northern California Authorized Dealer for Vacu-Maid®, Astro-Vac® and Aqua-Air® plus Expert Service for any built-in vacuums.